global missions

We love offering global trips to families and individuals throughout the year.
Our hearts on these trips is to allow Holy Spirit to direct us as we operate in the love of Jesus. 
We love watching friendships form as we continue digging deep roots as a body of believers.

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In January 2019 I was blessed to go on my first mission trip and even more blessed to have Rob and Lizie Hunt lead it! Rob and Lizie overflow with God's love and it was a beautiful experience to be a part of this mission team in Uganda. I felt God's grace, goodness and peace in every interaction we had with the Ugandan people and knew that was largely due to the time Rob and Lizie had spent bathing this mission in prayer. With Rob and Lizie's encouragement, each member of the mission team utilized the spiritual gifts we had been given. I am so thankful to have been a part of this amazing trip and hold Rob and Lizie in the highest esteem for their Spirit-filled leadership.
Jennifer Dunn
ZoeNow is an incredible ministry. I had the opportunity to go on their Uganda trip in January 2019 and it was life changing. I would have thought that after the trip, we wouldn’t really communicate anymore. However, that is not the case. Rob and Liz really treat you like family and care about what’s going on in your life (even after the trip is over!) I appreciate that so much. Liz has such a kind heart and you can feel how much she genuinely cares for everybody. She makes you feel like you actually matter and she’s the best cheerleader there is. Rob is so full of wisdom. Just having a simple conversation with him can fill you with so much insight. Together, their leadership is outstanding. Both of them have such genuine hearts for the Lord & they share that with the nations. If God presented me with another opportunity to go on one of their trips, I would go again. 10000000% YES!
Kayla Zopp

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