Since 2016, we have had a vision to advance Zoe Now, and knew the plan involved buying land and helping out disadvantaged children. In 2021, the Lord laid it on our hearts to go to Uganda and look for land. Once we started making plans to go, a piece of land opened up to us that was owned by a good friend.  This land held a beautiful school that we had visited several times.

As a back story, COVID shut down all Ugandan schools for two years. This made a hard situation financially for all school owners.
When the Lord told us to buy this particular land, we knew it would be a miracle to raise the amount of money needed, but Jesus not only provided what we needed; He even went over that to help us cover the lawyer fees!
Zoe Now Primary school was purchased in late 2021 and school started in early 2022. 

 The school currently holds 150 children grades prek-7th. 30 of the children live on site in the boarding school full time. Many of the children attending are sponsored through individuals or the ministry. While the building itself is in need of drastic repairs and reconstruction from two years of sitting idol, the land has an incredible amount of possibilities – one of which is to build out the school and adding an outreach center, a bible school, and ministry headquarters. 

Below is a video that explains the vision of the property back when we were in the process of purchasing it.

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