If you have been to the Zoe Now Church in Kabwohe, Uganda, then you undoubtedly know Pastor Joseph Aribariho.
When we first partnered with Joseph  in 2015, he was a pastor of a small congregation that were all meeting outside in a field because they did not have a church building.

We knew that Joseph was a man who doesn’t wait until things are perfect before he moves forward, but he was faithful with what little he had.
As we began to support Joseph, he continued to show faithfulness with the support we sent him through the years. We watched him purchase property to build a church on, and then slowly he built the church in phases. Once the church was completed, he purchased additional land for future expansions. He slowly grew bit by bit, making use of every resource available.

It is a joy to partner with Pastor Joseph in Uganda! His church is dynamic and engaging with hearts that LOVE JESUS! Whenever anyone visits, they feel at home. 

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