street kids

Zoe Now supports over 100 homeless children who live on the streets of Uganda – these are the boys we lovingly call ‘the street kids’. These children have had many hardships in life, and for various reasons, have ended up living on the streets.

When we first went to visit these street kids 5 years ago, there was just a small group of 30-40 that our director, Henry was helping. Henry grew up on the streets himself and so he has always felt a responsibility to watch after this group of kids because they are the same group that he grew up in, just a later generation. (To read Henry’s full story, click here)

Henry would stop by to see these boys once a week, and feed them a meal. For some, that was the only meal they had all week. The day we met the boys, our hearts were moved to tears as we felt so helpless to give them any hope whatsoever. We wanted to give them a chance to thrive, to know how loved they are and not sleeping on the street and fighting just to survive. 

As we left that day, we told Henry that we wanted to financially help him in his endeavor to help these boys. We dreamt of the day that our ministry would be blessed enough to build an orphanage/outreach center, but that was in the future. For that moment we knew that we would do whatever we can with what we have. Faithful with little means you will be given much, right?

So we started to send a couple hundred bucks to Henry every month. 

It seemed like so little, but Henry was extremely grateful for the assistance. The next year when we came back to visit the same group of street kids, we counted over 130 of them. “Henry, where did all these boys come from? There is nearly three times as many as last year!”
Henry calmly explained, “With the money you’ve sent me every month, I’ve been able to feed these kids every day instead of once a week. Word spreads and more street kids start to show up. We are now a group of well over 100.”


Recently, Henry informed us that the local police had started to imprison any homeless person, even street kids. Henry found a shelter that the boys could sleep in just for the purpose of keeping them out of jail. We currently rent 8 rooms that each sleep about thirteen or fourteen boys and it serves as “home” for them as they can cook their meals there and wash themselves.  

What has been great is our acquisition of a local boarding school where the younger boys can go to as a “orphanage” of sorts. Isn’t God good?! Our next goal is to set up an outreach and resource center and focus on their education / teach them skills, especially the older ones.

Currently, we offer sponsor opportunities for these boys. Your sponsorship provides food, shelter, medical help, and for some, education opportunities. 
It is an honor to stand with these beautiful hearts and teach them the love that Jesus has for each one of them.

If you are interested in sponsoring a street kids, click here